Be open with family and friends

The benefits of explaining psoriasis to family members

Psoriasis can affect your relationships with friends, family and co-workers. By being open, and taking the time to explain your condition, you may help those close to you more fully understand the problems related to your condition – and put them in a better position to give the support you need.

How psoriasis affects family life

Unless potential problems are addressed, psoriasis can affect family life in a number of ways. For example, the time it takes to apply your treatments, a reluctance to leave home or avoidance of public places – such as swimming pools, beaches and sporting facilities – could all interfere with family fun time.

By being open about your condition and taking the time to explain it, you’re likely to get their support and help maintain family quality of life.

Also, there might also be extra demands placed on family members, such as providing help when applying topical medications, taking charge of cleaning the house, and the need to be extra supportive. So it’s a good idea to take the time to explain your condition and discuss the challenges that family members might face.

Why family support is important

Getting family support is important because it not only makes a great deal of difference to the quality of your life, but could also impact the course of the illness. Since stress may trigger a flare-up or prevent psoriasis from clearing up, it’s a good idea if family members try to understand your condition and deal with any problems that might affect how you feel.

While it’s important to understand that good personal relationships are beneficial to managing your condition, there’s no reason that psoriasis should overly impact your family’s quality of life.

By being open about your condition and taking the time to explain it, you make it easier for them to support you, and help maintain family quality of life.