Staying in the know about your treatment

Top tips to track the impact of your treatment

It can take a period of time before you start to see the effects of some psoriasis treatments. Unfortunately, some people may mistakenly think their treatment isn’t working and so they stop using it as their doctor prescribed. So it’s important that you track your progress and keep your doctor involved. Not sure where to start? These tips will point you in the right direction:

Make another appointment

It’s a good idea to schedule another visit to your doctor. This ensures that you can review how you have been doing and discuss how your treatment is working for you

Try keeping a diary

You may find that keeping a diary helps you deal with your psoriasis. You can take note of what your day was like, how you were feeling, track your diet and note any flare-ups – this can help you identify triggers for your condition.

Carefully tracking your progress can help you understand how your treatment is working for you.

Take photos

To allow you to see the impact your treatment is having on your psoriasis, take a photo of your lesions/plaques before starting a new treatment and save it. After a few weeks take another photo, and if you are still taking your medication after two months take another – this will allow you to better see the effects of your treatment.

Keep learning

Once you have visited your doctor it’s a good idea to continue to learning as much as possible about psoriasis. This information can help you manage the condition and provide tips and advice that can help. But remember that there might be incorrect information on the web, so always check what you read with your doctor.

Carefully tracking your progress can help you understand how your treatment is working for you. It may also help you to communicate any concerns that you may have with your doctor. Everyone is different but hopefully these techniques will inspire you and help you more effectively manage your psoriasis.