Managing psoriasis in your skin folds

Common symptoms and precautionary measures

The skin in skin folds, such as the armpits and under the breasts, is more delicate and thinner than in other areas. Rubbing and sweating can be a cause of frequent psoriasis irritation.

Skin folds can get hot and damp as the skin has less contact with the air. This increases the likelihood of yeast and fungal infections, especially in areas where you sweat more, such as the armpits, under the breasts, and in the groin and crotch area.

As often as possible, try to wear loose, comfortable clothing. The best materials are cotton or cotton blends. 

Caring for skin folds

To help manage the condition, try to keep skin folds as dry as possible even after the psoriasis has cleared. You should also take care to wash the area gently and dry it carefully afterwards. If necessary, you can use tissues to make sure smaller folds are completely dry.

Try to wear loose, comfortable clothing. The best materials are cotton or cotton blends.  Women may also want to avoid wearing under-wired bras as these can increase sweating.

Keep dry and comfortable

For psoriasis in the groin and crotch area – around the genitals and anus and between the buttocks – it can be a good idea to have an additional daily wash in warm summer weather. Afterwards, remember to dry your groin and buttock creases thoroughly.

You should wear comfortable cotton underwear. If possible, avoid tight jeans and trousers. It is best not to wear synthetic materials next to the skin as they cause sweating. For men, boxer shorts are better than briefs as they allow air to circulate.